Truly Relating to Your Public

I love to work with fashion, lifestyle, art, music and environmentally conscious clients to help them communicate with their target audience. As a public relations consultant, I offer services in both traditional and social media, influencer relations, company positioning, online presence and blog creation, business development and event management.

My newest project aims to blend my broad expertise in both the fashion and lifestyle industries with my deep understanding of the online landscape to help designers, artists and brands break through to their target audiences in creative ways. I believe in building honest, thoughtful media relationships and strategic partnerships using innovative public relations and marketing techniques.

Living in San Francisco – with all the amazing fashion, art, music and culture pumping through my veins – I am inspired every day as I walk out my door. I couldn’t be happier to help passionate individuals and brands garner the exposure and recognition they deserve.

Whether you are a local designer looking to reach a global audience, an established lifestyle brand looking for a fresh outlook on your marketing strategy or a non-profit doing commendable work that no one knows about. I want to help you.