Current and past clients and selected media results:

Poshmark is a mobile fashion marketplace built around real-time social experiences. Posh Parties are themed, real-time shopping events where people gather to shop, share, and sell fashion right from their phones.

InStyle October 22, 2013 “#bestofdigi: Consignment Inside: Everything You Need Before You Click”

PandoDaily October 18, 2013 “Smartphones Are Making Shopping More Fun”

Refinery29 October 17, 2013 “Shopping App Poshmark Gains Two Big-Name Investors”

VentureBeat October 17, 2013 “Poshmark’s Secret Celebrity Investors: Ashton Kutcher, Rachel Zoe, More”

PandoDaily October 17, 2013 “Will Poshmark Pull Away From The Pack In The Secondhand Clothing Wars?”

Refinery29 October 15, 2013 “17 Apps So Amazing R29ers Swear By ‘Em”

ReadWrite October 11, 2013 “No More Grimy Thrift Store Finds: The Polished Re-Commerce Model Is Here”

YAHOO! News October 2, 2013 “New Ways To Avoid Getting A Real Job” (VIDEO)

Bethenny October 1, 2013 “5 Apps To Turn Your Cloths Into Cash”

Bustle September 24, 2013 “No Money, No Problem: 7 Sites For Bartering Goods And Services Online”

TechCrunch September 22, 2013 “Poshmark, The Mobile Marketplace For Women To Sell And Swap Cloths, Crosses 1M Sold So Far This Year”

Refinery29 September 20, 2013 “Fall Freshening: 80% Of People Do It, Are You One?”

Huffington Post September 19, 2013 “80% Of People Reorganize Their Home In Fall, So You Should Probably Get On That” (VIDEO)

Mashable September 3, 2013 “6 Sites For Selling The Cloths You Don’t Wear”

Great Day Houston August 27, 2013 “Hot Tech Topics” (VIDEO)

All Things Digital August 23, 2013 “New Companies Are Redefining What It Means To “Share” Online”

Marie Claire August 9, 2013 “The 7 Best E-Commerce Sites And Apps For Shopaholics

Racked August 6, 2013 “Buy And Sell Cloths Like It’s Your Job At PoshFest 2013”

VentureBeat August 5, 2013 “Meet The 20 Fastest Growing Mobile Startups

FOX Phoenix August 5, 2013 “Poshmark: Shop The Closets Of Women Across America – And Sell Yours Too!” (VIDEO)

Refinery29 July 24, 2013 “So Posh: Shopping App To Host First Ever Shopping Festival

ABC San Francisco June 20, 2013 “San Francisco Couple Uses TaskRabbit, Airbnb Apps To Make Money” (VIDEO)

San Francisco Business Times June 15, 2013 “Poshmark Finds Gold In Your Closet”

ABC Baltimore June 4, 2013 “Making Money From Your Closet” (VIDEO)

Good Morning Washington May 20, 2013 “Poshmark Users Buying and Selling Clothes Through Phone App” (VIDEO)

NBC San Diego May 15, 2013 “Turning Your Clothes Into Cash” (VIDEO)

NBC North Carolina May 10, 2013 “New App Helps To Make Money And Remove Clutter” (VIDEO)

Fast Company May 2013 “When It Comes To Sharing Startups, The Airbnb Model Doesn’t Work For Everyone

CBS North Carolina April 30, 2012 “Poshmark App Let’s You Shop Other People’s Closets” (VIDEO)

Associated Press April 26, 2013 “Mobile Apps Creating Big Business Opportunity” (VIDEO)

StyleCaster April 23, 2013 “Resale Guide: Where To Sell Your Clothes Online

FOX Orlando April 8, 2013 “Clean Out Your Closet And Make A Profit” (VIDEO)

Good Housekeeping April 2, 2013 “8 Ways To Make Money By Sharing

SELF Magazine April 2013 “Offset Tax Day With Poshmark”

Today Show March 25, 2013 “Weekend Makeover: De-Clutter In 48 Hours” (VIDEO)

VentureBeat March 22, 2013 “It’s The Second Inning Of Mobile Monetization And These Startups Are Making Bank

FOX Business March 6, 2012 “Site For Shopping With Friends

AllThingsD March 5, 2013 “Facebook Is The Google Of Mobile” (guest post by Manish Chandra)

Wall Street Journal March 5, 2013 “Apps Are Creating New Jobs

Parenting Magazine March 2013 “The Effect

VentureBeat February 27, 2013 “Poshmark Launched iPad App With New Features And Financial Outlook for 2013

Cosmopolitan February 23, 2013 “13 Brilliant Money-Making Ideas”

CBS Denver February 15, 2013 “Closet Shopping: New Way To Get New Clothes Without Spending A Lot” (VIDEO)

ABC Seattle February 1, 2013 “New Website Turns Closet Into Virtual Consignment Store” (VIDEO) 

Matchbook Magazine February 2013 “Gadget Girl

ABC Philadelphia January 31, 2013 “Modern Twist On Consignment Clothing” (VIDEO)

EcoSalon January 29, 2013 “Second Hand Shopping Gets A Digital Upgrade

Business Insider January 24, 2013 “10 Apps That Changed How We Think About Shopping

CNBC January 23, 2013 “Top 10 Disruptors of 2013

Forbes January 23, 2013 “How People Make Money In The Share Economy

Good Morning America January 17, 2013 “How To Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

Fashionista January 4, 2013 “How To Sell Your Clothes Online: Best New Sites

Good Morning Arkansas January 3, 2013 “Poshmark: Online Selling” (VIDEO)

WLNS-TV January 3, 2013 “Mobile Apps To Help Keep Your Resolutions On Track” (VIDEO)

TechCrunch January 1, 2013 “The Mobile Apps I Used Most In 2012

eCommerce Bytes December 17, 2012 “Poshmark: Closet to Cell Phone in 60 Seconds

PandoDaily December 4, 2012 “Poshmark Raises 12M as Manish Chandra Channels His Inner Woman

AllThingsD December 4, 2012 “Poshmark Stitches Up $12M in Funding For Its iPhone Thrift Store

Forbes December 4, 2012 “Poshmark Raises $12M Series B

GigaOm December 4, 2012 “Poshmark Raises $12M Series B To Get You Shopping For Fashion On Your Phone

VentureBeat December 4, 2012 “Fashion App Poshmark Pulls In $12M

TechCrunch December 4, 2012 “Poshmark Nabs $12M Series B Led By Menlo Ventures To Expand Its Mobile Fashion Marketplace

MarketWatch November 15, 2012 “Tech Startups Target Fashionistas

CCTV America / DISH TV November 14, 2012 “New Virtual Marketplaces Make Selling Used Clothing Easier Than Ever” (VIDEO)

SheFinds November 13, 2012 “Poshmark App + Closet Clean Out = Extra Holiday Cash For Y-O-U

Texas Living November 13, 2012 “Poshmark” (VIDEO)

FOX Miami November 12, 2012 “Money Monday: Poshmark” (VIDEO)

The Style Closet November 11, 2012 “October 2012 Favorites November 2, 2012 “Poshmark App Brings Virtual Closet Sale To Your iPhone

MarketWatch November 2, 2012 “Profit From A Closet Cleanout

Miami Times October 18, 2012 “Poshmark iPhone App Makes Shopping A Friends Closet Easy

GadgetNerdly October 9, 2012 “Great New Shopping App: Poshmark

San Jose Mercury News October 5, 2012 “Threadflip, Poshmark, Twice Among Silicon Valley Startups Putting A Digital Twist On Consignment Shopping

Sun-Sentinel September 23, 2012 “Sell And Shop For Slightly Used Clothes Via iPhone

Wired August 24, 2012 “Shop Until Your iPhone Drops

IntoMobile August 24, 2012 “Poshmark’s IOS App Gets Curated Shopping Experience With Showrooms”

Digital Style Digest August 16, 2012 “On The Scene: Poshmark’s San Francisco Celebration

KGO-TV August 14, 2012 “Fashion Smartphone App Lets Users Buy, Sell Clothing” (VIDEO)

ZDNet August 10, 2012 “Poshmark Attempting To Revolutionize Retail With Mobile First Approach

SF Fashion + Tech August 8, 2012 “Poshmark Launches Showrooms: $500M In Listings

WWD August 8, 2012 “New App Fosters Real Time Virtual Shopping Parties

TechCrunch August 8, 2012 “Poshmark Launches’Showrooms’ To Help Users Sift Through Its Growing Fashion Resell Database”

VentureBeat August 8, 2012 “Get Fashion Wasted: New Poshmark Feature Makes ‘Parties’ Even More Fun

Fast Company August 7, 2012 “Poshmarks Friction-Free Fashion App Turns Mobile Purchasing Into Parties

Mashable August 6, 2012 “44 Female Founders Every Entrepreneur Should Know

VentureBeat July 10, 2012 “Poshmark CEO: Great Mobile Design Is Simplicity

NBC Columbia July 2, 2012 “News at Noon” (VIDEO)

Associated Press June 14, 2012 “New Breed Of Website Makes Selling More Social

NBC St. Louis June 12, 2012 “Turn Unused Clothing Into Cash With Online Garage Sale” (VIDEO)

USA Today June 4, 2012 “How Women Are Changing The Tech World

Women 2.0 June 1, 2012 “Female Founders To Follow In Fashion Tech Entrepreneurship

Digital Style Digest May 31, 2012 “Living The Digitally Stylish Life: Poshmark’s Tracy Sun

FOX Austin May 24, 2012 “Making Money With Poshmark

FOX NY May 24, 2012 “Making Money With Poshmark

Good Day Sacramento May 16, 2012 “App Of The Week” (VIDEO)

SF Fashion+Tech May 4, 2012 “Poshmark In The National News

Bloomberg/BusinessWeek May 2, 2012 “Apparel- Swapping Millennials Eschew Stores And Malls

Racked May 2, 2012 “Chicago Girls are Using an Ebay/Instagram Hybrid For Shopping

FOX News May 1, 2012 “Make a Profit Selling Clothes and Accessories Virtually

San Francisco Chronicle April 29, 2012 “RealReal, Poshmark, Threadflip Go Social On Seconds

Examiner April 26, 2012 “NY Bloggers Celebrate Poshmark

NBC Bay Area April 25, 2012 “App Of The Week” (VIDEO)

SF Fashion+Tech April 24, 2012 “Interview

TechCrunch April 14, 2012 “We Are Our Scores: The Aspirational Self

Independent Fashion Bloggers April 11, 2012 “5 Start Ups That Could Change The Way You Shop

San Francisco Magazine February 27, 2012 “Poshmark Party

Refinery29 February 27, 2012 “Buy the Clothes Off Shoppers Backs (Literally) At This Event

ABC 7 February 22, 2012 “App Offers To Turn Clothes, Accessories Into Cash” (VIDEO)

San Francisco Magazine February 13, 2012 “The Consignment Store in Your Hand

Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) February 7, 2012 “5 Fashion Apps and Websites to Watch

Fashionista February 3, 2012 “10 Fashion Startups to Watch

Refinery29 February 1, 2012 “Snagging Clothes Straight Out Of Bloggers Closets? There’s An App For That

StyleSection LA February 1, 2012 “Get This App, Like Now: Poshmark

CA Apparel News January 26, 2012 “Poshmark Goes Hollywood Glam

Third Wave Fashion January 17, 2012 “Startup Seven: Poshmark Makes Reselling Your Wardrobe Simple & Social

FOX News January 6, 2012 “Post-Holiday Apps Turn Unwanted Gifts into Treasure” (VIDEO)

InMenlo January 5, 2012 “Poshmark Wants to Turn Individual Closets into Unique, Shared Shopping Experience

Jacksonville Action News January 3, 2012 “Resolve to Clean” (VIDEO)

CA Apparel News December 30, 2011 “Poshmark App Takes Fashion Sharing Mobile

Daily Deal Media December 29, 2011 “Fashion Aficionados Use Poshmark to Access What They Want!

FashInvest December 21, 2011 “Second Hand Startup Poshmark, Solidifies Series A with $3.5M

San Jose Mercury News/Oakland Tribune/The Argus December 18, 2011 “Fremont Entrepreneur Launches New Fashion App” (resulted in over 10 syndicated articles nationally)

Popgadget December 9, 2011 “Poshmark App Lets You Buy and Sell Second Hand Fashion

Luxe Life Daily December 8, 2011 “Ex-Kaboodle Crew Launches Poshmark

Business of Fashion December 8, 2011 “Poshmark Style App Turns Closets into Marketplaces

Gizmodo December 7, 2011 “Skirt the Fashion Hoi Poi With Poshmark Mobile App

Refinery29 December 7, 2011 “Clean Out Your Closet (And Make Some Dough) With This New App

TechCrunch December 6, 2011 “Poshmark Brings in $3.5 Million to Bring the Clothing Swap to Your iPhone

USA Today December 6, 2011 “Poshmark Hopes to Make a Mark in Fashion

Forbes December 6, 2011 “Poshmark Style App Turns Closets Into Marketplaces

Mashable December 6, 2011 “Kaboodle Founders Launch Mobile Fashion Marketplace

VentureBeat December 6, 2o11 “Poshmark Sees Your Closet as the Next Big E-Commerce Store

Fortune December 6, 2011 “Venture Capital Deals

GeekSugar December 6, 2011 “Download of the Day: Poshmark December 6, 2011 “Poshmark Launches iOS App with $3.5M Funding

Lonesome George & Co. is a socially conscious organization that combines branded Impact Apparel and experiential education to ignite a mind shift. We create Agents of Change.

Rural Mom September 26, 2012 “10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Become An Agent of Change

Outward Bound Journal September 7, 2012 “Vision For Our Future

Do Good Blog August 10, 2012 “Lonesome George’s Legacy Carries On”

Ecopreneurist  August 7, 2012 “Lonesome George’s Legacy Carries On

Yahoo News August 2,2012 “Lonesome George & Co. Evolves Product Line

Rita Reviews July 18, 2012 “Lonesome George & Co Review

TrendHunter July 17, 2012 “Educational Threads

Our Family World July 9, 2012 “Lonesome George & Co. – Clothes That Make A Difference In The Community

Huffington Post July 3, 2012 “I Witnessed Extinction When Lonesome George Died

Triple Pundit June 19, 2012 “Interview: Lonesome George & Co. Founder Eduardo Balarezo

EcoSalon June 14, 2012 “Is Lonesome George Slow Fashion’s New Mascot

Just Means June 8, 2012 “Social Enterprise Introduces Academy of Agents of Change

Miami Herald June 6, 2012 “These Entrepreneurs Aim Higher Than The Bottom Line

Sustainablog June 6, 2012 “Sometimes A T-Shirt Does Make One A Change Agent

Really Natural April 6, 2012 “Organic Fashion

Just Means March 30, 2012 “Social Enterprise Raising Awareness On Sustainability

Energizer Bunnies’ Mommy Report March 29, 2012 “Spreading The Message Of Conservation Through Clothes

Quarter Waters March 26, 2012 “Agents of Change

Mommy Moment January 23, 2012 “Lonesome George & Co. Clothing

Island Life December 22, 2011 “Our Top Products of 2011

Not So Average Mama December 22, 2011 “Lonesome George & Co.

Social Earth December 20, 2011 “Celebrate the Small Wins – with Eduardo Balarezo

As They Grown Up December 15, 2011 “Holiday Gift Guide: Lonesome George & Co.

Quarter Waters December 13, 2011 “Interview with Social Entrepreneur, Eduardo Balarezo

Social Earth December 7, 2011 “30 Social Entrepreneurs Who Didn’t Make the Forbes List

Triple Pundit November 23, 2011 “How Social Enterprises Can Pick Up Where the System Leaves Off

Kidsumers November 19, 2011 “Accept the Challenge with Lonesome George & Co.

Tiny Green Mom November 15, 2011 “Tiny Green Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide

Look What Mom Found…and Dad Too! November 9, 2011 “Lonesome George Needs Your Help

Katie Talks About November 3, 2011 “Lonesome George & Co. Holiday Gift Guide

Latin Business Chronicle October 31, 2o11 “Boosting Latin America’s Education

Forbes October 30, 2011 “Eduardo Balarezo: Outfitting Agents of Change at Lonesome George & Co.

Here and There October 25, 2011 “Lonesome George & Co. Review

Mommy Living the Life of Riley October 24, 2011 “With Lonesome George & Co., Apparel, You Can Help Fund Work That Will Change the World!

BonggaMom Finds October 20, 2011 “Lonesome George & Co. Apparel

Our Ordinary Life October 16, 2011 “Teach Children About Sustainability With Lonesome George & Co. Apparel

Outnumbered 3 to 1 October 15, 2011 “Agents of Change – Lonesome George & Co.

An Island Life October 11, 2011 “Lonesome George & Co.

Maria’s Space September 29,2011 “Ever Heard of Lonesome George & Co?

Green Living Guy September 13, 2011 “How Eco-Friendly Fashion Can Create a Bigger Impact Using Shared Value

My Springfield Mommy September 6, 2011 “Lonesome George & Co. Review

Fashionably Marketing August 22, 2011 “Five Eco Conscious Designers That Inspire Us

Guardian UK July 26, 2011 “How a 100-year-old tortoise helped build a scalable social enterprise

Racked July 19, 2011 “Lonesome George’s Legacy Lives on…in Sunny Miami

Sarah Swell is an Oakland based jewelry designer who exudes cool, California style. All of her pieces are meticulously crafted using ancient techniques.

Refinery29 November 17, 2011 “The Best Made-in-the-Bay Holiday Gifts

Refinery29 October 31, 2011 “The Girl Next Door: Oakland Jewelry Designer Sarah Swell

The City Sage October 7, 2011 “Obsessed: Sarah Swell Jewelry

Rue MagazineOctober 2011 “No Particular Place to Go

San Francisco Chronicle September 18, 2011 “Lucky Charms

7×7 Magazine September 2011 “Our Favorite Fall Looks from Bay Area Designers

The City Sage September 12, 2011 “Fall Wardrobe Inspiration from New York Fashion Week

Refinery29 September 12, 2011 “Fashion Night Out Party Pics

The Feast September 6, 2011 “Oakland Jeweler Talks Fall Collection

Blonde Got Blues August 30, 2011 “Amazing Fall Collection by Sarah Swell

On Sugar’s Tiger Tem August 30, 2011 “So Swellegant

SF Indie Fashion August 29, 2011 “Earth With Edge: Sarah Swell Fall Collection

Fashionably Marketing August 22, 2011 “Five Eco Conscious Designers That Inspire Us

Refinery29 August 19, 2011 “13 Statement-Making Baubles From S.F. Designers!

Polish My Crown August 12, 2011 “Friday Five: Sarah Swell Jewelry

Triple Max Tons August 9, 2011 “Sarah Swell Jewelry

JewelryWhore August 4, 2011 “Designer Interview: Sarah Swell

Style Closet August 3, 2011 “Beauty & Accessory News: Sarah Swell F/W Collection

Gifts & Decorative Accessories July 4, 2011 “Chic at Sea

Photobooth is a portrait studio and gallery located on Valencia Street that is entirely dedicated to Polaroid, Tintype and alternative photography.

7×7 Magazine October 2012 “Hot 30”

Wired April 9, 2012 “Get Your Portrait Taken Like It’s 1865

American Hipster April 2, 2012 “Episode 2” (VIDEO)

Refinery29 February 8, 2012 “16 Super-Sweet Made In The Bay V-Day Gifts

7×7 Magazine February 8, 2012 “Drink Here This Week

Refinery29 February 8, 2012 “Score a Dreamy Couples’ Tintype at Photobooth’s Pre-Valentine Bash

San Francisco Chronicle January 5, 2012 “Photobooth Shop Offers Tintype, Polaroid Shots

The Bold Italic January 3, 2012 “Candid Cameras

DailyCandy December 29, 2011 “Our Top SF Discoveries of 2011 – Cream of the Crop

Stylenik December 22, 2011 “The Mira Mira Photobooth Rue Magazine Holiday Party: It Happened

SF Indie Fashion December 16, 2011 “Party Seen: Photobooth + Mira Mira + Rue Magazine

SFist December 14, 2011 “Gift Guide: An Actual Camera with Some Film In It

Refinery29 December 14, 2011 “Get Your Leftover Holiday Shopping Done at This Hump Day Shopping Party

Stylenik December 12, 2011 “Photobooth x Mira Mira Holiday Party Wednesday: Be There for Polaroids, Pisco and a Pop up!

SF Indie Fashion December 12, 2011 “The To Do List: SF Fashion Events

The City Sage December 9, 2011 “Party Down With Photobooth, Mira Mira and Rue!

Refinery29 November 17, 2011 “The Best Made-in-the-Bay Holiday Gifts

PopSugar October 6, 2011 “On Our Radar: A Sexy Opening at Photobooth

Coolhunting October 4, 2011 “Photobooth

Refinery29 September 16, 2011 “Rue Magazine’s Editor Shows Us Her Envy-Inducing Digs!

ELLE DECOR September 9, 2011 “Design Insider’s Weekly Finds

The New York Times September 2, 2011 “A Haunting Old Photographic Process Reappears

Laughing Squid September 2, 2011 “Photobooth, San Francisco Portrait Studio Makes 19th Century Tintypes

The Bold Italic August 24, 2011 “Photobooth Opens With a Flash and Bang

Shop Sweet Things August 23, 2011 “Photobooth Opening Party

SF Weekly August 22, 2011 “Photobooth Gallery Opening: People Line Up to Be Photographed with 19th-Century Technology

Mission Local August 21, 2011 “Photobooth Snaps Open on Valencia

Mission Mission August 21, 2011 “Get your tintype portrait on Valencia Street

Thrillist August 19, 2011 “Photobooth – Robert E. Lee would totally go here

7×7 Magazine August 18, 2011 “Fashion a Photograph at Photobooth’s Grand Opening

Refinery29 August 18, 2011 “New Valencia Studio-Slash-Gallery Photobooth Takes Portraiture To Another Level

DailyCandy August 17, 2011 “Photobooth Opens on Valencia, Polaroids and Tintypes Made Modern

UrbanDaddy August 16, 2011 “Lens Crafters: SF’s First Polaroid Portrait Studio

Flavorpill August 13, 2o11 “Photobooth Grand Opening

The Bold Italic July 2011 “Michael Shindler, Tintype Photographer

Uptown Almanac June 16, 2011 “Portrait Studio and Retro Camera Shop Coming Soon to Valencia

Opening Event Saturday August 20, 2011 

More great pics over on Jonathan Fleming’s blog

Photobooth’s Holiday Big Shot with Mira Mira and Rue Magazine December 14, 2011

More great pics over on Flickr

Melissa Hutton is a contemporary artist living in San Francisco. Through images of abandoned barns, glowing gas stations, and manicured houses, Melissa’s work explores the complexities of both the American and her own personal landscape.

San Francisco Art Beat October 19, 2011 “Artist Melissa Hutton You Can Never Go Back

StyleSegment September 16, 2011 “Melissa Hutton Partners with Moxsie

Fashionably Marketing August 22, 2011 “Five Eco Conscious Designers That Inspire Us

SF Indie Fashion August 15, 2011 “Get Waisted: Melissa Hutton Belts

The Bold Italic August 2011 “Melissa Hutton, Artist/Designer

Style Bust July 8, 2011 “Melissa Hutton – A Contemporary Artist To Get Excited About

Polish My Crown July 7, 2011 “Friday Five: Art

A Distinctive Style July 2011 Artwork featured in Issue 15

Mira Mira is a locally owned Mission boutique featuring hard to find independent designers.

DailyCandy December 29, 2011 “SF’s Best Shopping 2011

Stylenik December 22, 2011 “The Mira Mira Photobooth Rue Magazine Holiday Party: It Happened

SF Indie Fashion December 16, 2011 “Party Seen: Photobooth + Mira Mira + Rue Magazine

Refinery29 December 14, 2011 “Get Your Leftover Holiday Shopping Done at This Hump Day Shopping Party

SF Indie Fashion December 12, 2011 “The To Do List: SF Fashion Events

Stylenik December 12, 2011 “Photobooth x Mira Mira Holiday Party Wednesday: Be There for Polaroids, Pisco and a Pop up!

The City Sage December 9, 2011 “Party Down With Photobooth, Mira Mira and Rue!

Mission Loc@l October 7, 2011 “Mira Mira Fashion Show October 7, 2011 “Mira Mira Fashion Show

Astonish Magazine October 7, 2011 “Mira Mira Fashion Show 2011

Shop Sweet Things October 6, 2011 “Mira Mira: From Lookbook to Runway

SF Indie Fashion October 6, 2011 “Party Seen: Pretty Pretty Collective’s Mira Mira Fashion Show

Mission Closet October 6, 2011 “Fall at Mira Mira

Style Bust October 5, 2011 “Mira Mira Fashion Show at Pretty Pretty Collective

SFist October 4, 2011 “SFist Interviews: Mira Pickett of Mission Boutique Mira Mira

BIG BIG BIG Things October 3, 2011 “Mira Mira Proves SF Fashion Has a Pulse

Britt+Whit October 3, 2011 “Mira Mira Fashion Show

Rue Magazine October 2011 “No Particular Place to Go” (Amazing behind the scenes VIDEO)

Refinery29 October 1, 2011 “First Look: Mira Mira Fall 2011 Lookbook

The Bold Italic September 30, 2011 “Mira Mira On The Wall – Fashion Show Highlights

Stylenik September 30, 2011 “Mira Mira Features Local Bloggers in an Intimate (and Awesome) Runway Show

The Feast September 30, 2011 “Peep Mira Mira’s Fall-Tastic Lookbook

Refinery29 September 30, 2011 “Street Walker: Where to Eat, Shop and Play on 22nd Street

Refinery29 September 16, 2011 “Rue Magazine’s Editor Shows Us Her Envy-Inducing Digs!

Refinery29 September 12, 2011 “Fashion Night Out Party Pics

ABC 7 Hot Vintage Looks For Fall

Refinery29 August 10, 2011 “Get Your Meats, Metals, And More At Mira Mira’s Ladies Night Bash!

7×7 Magazine August 9, 2011 “Meat, Metal and the Mission: Salty Sustenance and Style Merge

Shop Sweet Things August 9, 2011 “Sparkle City at Mira Mira

Mira Mira Lookbook Comes to Life Fashion Show September 18, 2011

More great pics over on Flickr….

Gallery of Jewels has been bringing independent and local handcrafted jewelry to the Bay Area for over twenty years in Noe Valley, Fillmore and now Union Square.

San Francisco Chronicle June 14, 2012 “Shop Ops: Gallery of Jewels 10-Day Event

7X7 Magazine May 16, 2012 “Wedding

Noe Valley Voice May 14, 2012 “Article

Refinery29 May 13, 2012 “5 Things To Do In SF This Week

StyleBust May 9, 2012 “Gallery Of Jewels: Shine On With Designer Stephany Hitchcock This Weekend

The Bay Area Reporter April 5, 2012 “Shop Till You Drop

WHERE Magazine March 2012

San Francisco Magazine March 5, 2012 “Baubles and Style

StyleBust February 17, 2012 “Take a Walk on The Wild Side With Atelier Minyon

StyleBust February 9, 2012 “I Heart S.F.: Trunk Show at Gallery of Jewels

Refinery29 January 26, 2012 “13 Alternative Wedding Bands For The Utterly Cool

San Francisco Business Times January 6, 2012 “Where Every Gem Has a Story

Style Bust December 7, 2011 “Find New Ways to Sparkle This Holiday Season

7×7 Magazine November 23, 2011 “Rock Solid Gems From Local Indie Wedding Ring Designers

Refinery29 November 17, 2011 “The Best Made-in-the-Bay Holiday Gifts”

Stylenik November 14, 2011 “Gallery of Jewels: My Former Employers Open a New Shop in Union Square

PopSugar November 9, 2011 “Shop Stephany Hitchcock’s Gorgeous Gels at the Gallery of Jewels Traveling Trunk Show

NBC’s The Feast November 4, 2011 “Check Out Our Five Favorite Independent Boutiques in Union Square

San Francisco Chronicle October 23, 2011 “Gallery of Jewels Opens New S.F. Spot

Style Bust October 19, 2011 “Gallery of Jewels’ New Union Square Store 

The Bold Italic October 18, 2011 “Union Square’s Hidden Gems

World Jewelry Blog October 15, 2011 “Gallery of Jewels in San Francisco Opens in Union Square

Refinery29 October 14, 2011 “Rock Out! Celebrate Gallery of Jewels’ Union Square Shop

7×7 Magazine October 14, 2011 “Gallery of Jewels Opens in Union Square

Shop Sweet Things October 14, 2011 “Gallery of Jewels Union Square

DailyCandy October 13, 2011 “The Weekend Guide

PopSugar October 13, 2011 “Tour Gallery of Jewels New Union Square Store

SF Indie Fashion October 13, 2011 “Gallery of Jewels Brings Local Bling to Union Square

The Bold Italic October 11, 2011 “Grand Opening: Gallery of Jewels Union Square